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Ang Alyas Robin Hood ay malayo sa plot ng Arrow. Ito ay kuwento ng isang lower-middle class lawyer [Dingdong Dantes] na mapagbibintangan ng isang krimeng hindi niya ginawa. Alyas Robin Hood  Replacing the  Descendants Of The Sun

Sa kanyang paghahanap sa katotohanan, may mga matutulungan din siyang nangangailangan,” she said.

(Alyas Robin Hood‘s plot is very different from Arrow. This is the story of a lower-middle class lawyer who will be accused of a crime he did not commit. In his quest for truth, he will also be able to help those in need.)

In CW’s Arrow, Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) returns to the city after spending 5 years stranded on a desert island. He takes on the role of a hooded vigilante upon his return.

In the DC universe, Green Arrow learned how to use a bow and arrow on the desert island and later used his skills to free the island’s tribes from being exploited by a conglomerate.

Magno also pointed out that the story of Robin Hood has many different versions around the world.

“Robin Hood has had different reincarnations or versions in different countries. In Russia, there’s the short novel on Alexander Pushkin whose Robin Hood character went by the name Black Eagle. In Brazil, there’s the real life Limpaio, a true-life Robin Hood whose life is now a biography. In Japan, a Kabuki adaptation of Robin Hood was successfully mounted with the character of Nezumikozo as the name of the legendary hero. This is to name only a few. What we are now seeing here is a modern version of Robin Hood, an adaptation of a universal figure made inspirational and relevant to the Filipino audience.”

Earlier, GMA Head Writer Suzette Doctolero also reacted to the comparisons betweenArrow and Alyas Robin Hood, arguing that both were inspired by Robin Hood but are not the same story.

These statements, after social media users and Arrow star Stephen Amell reacted to the trailer. A website also released a fan-made poster of Alyas Robin Hood, which many took to be an official release from GMA.

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